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Henna is a healthy regular thing that is gotten from a plant. Its natural name is Lawsonia Inermis. The central fixing in henna is the leaves which are dried and powdered and made into a glue and utilized either as regular hair shading or it is utilized to shading fingernails and the skin.

We at Moon’s Day Spa know that henna tattoos are getting progressively well known. These tattoos will be around for 2 a month, they will normally blur away with time. Tattoos will generally be in its unique shading which is orange, red or dark colored. Henna tattoos can be brandished anyplace be it on the hands, body or even legs.

When you get yourself inked at Moon’s Day Spa, you should leave it to dry and leave it for a few hours and after that it will get and chip dry and afterward you can see the lovely tattoo plans that you needed. It is alright for any age gathering and most skin types as well and the vast majority of all, it is impermanent, not tedious and completely protected and torment free!

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