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Back & Shoulder Neck Waxing

Treat yourself to a great experience at Moon’s Day Spa, located in Trussville Alabama. The staff here are excited to help you feel your best, offering a variety of services. Book in for Back & Shoulder Neck Waxing treatment and get to know the professionals here who are happy to take care of your needs. We do not accept walk in appointments. Back waxing is extremely common. More and more women are getting hair-removal services in general and the back tops the hit list. Often, it’s to please themselves and sometimes, it’s in response to pressure from others. Back Waxing is far superior to shaving for several reasons, the main one is that waxing removes hair at the root, so it can take six weeks or more for it to grow back and when it does, it’s finer and softer each time. The time frame depends on how many times in a row you’ve been waxed and how often. Back hair removal takes approximately 30-40 minutes. This treatment also includes shoulder and neck wax.

Waxing & Relaxing At The Same Time

Our Brazilian waxing experts at Moon’s Day Spa are gentle and thorough and we focus on after care to ensure your comfort between waxes. Our beauticians are the fastest in their services to transform your look. We give you the best possible results after using our Back & Shoulder Neck Waxing treatment. We also offer European facials combined with selectively curated beauty tech offer premium performance facials in a relaxed and casual spa space. Book anytime or book ahead for this expert service. Waxing is considered an art form and our staff are all trained to treat every body with respect, care and dignity.

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To all the lovely ladies out there. Your search for high-quality and painless waxing ends at Moon’s Day Spa. We have years of expertise in providing best and painless Back & Shoulder Neck Waxing treatment. Women who are too conscious about their fast hair growth in the body are assured of getting best and long-term results with our waxing sessions. Besides, our experts ensure to use fresh and top-quality waxing tools, to give you flawless results.