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Sides Threading or Waxing

With any face side threading or waxing service, our experts at Moon’s Day Spa always make sure to discuss your needs so we can create your desired effect. Throughout the threading or waxing and face threading process, we’ll ensure that you’re content and well-kept. When all is said and done, we’ll apply a post wax treatment and a little bit of make-up along with a gentle massage to make sure that you’re camera ready. We love double dipped cones, not double dipped wax. Not to mention, we pride ourselves in practising the safest, most sterile techniques by only using disposable products. Talk is chic and so are our state of the art rooms. We promise they are squeaky clean.

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At Moon’s Day Spa, we always make sure our customers are relaxed and informed step by step throughout the sides threading or waxing process. We begin the process by preparing your skin with a pre-wax treatment. Our estheticians always ensure the desired hair is gone and that no sticky residue is left over. Oh yeah, and we never double dip or reuse leftover wax. To finish you off, we apply a post-wax treatment to replenish and ready your skin for some serious self love.

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Scared of threading? Give it a try! Moon’s Day Spa promise to turn you into a believer. Either way, let us create that perfect arch that will frame your face and eyes, resulting in a youthful, sophisticated look. Just call +1 205-447-7203 today to make an appointment for sides threading or waxing services in Facial skin is delicate, so you’ll want to take extra care choosing the right removal technique for you. If you’re not sure just ask us and our experts will help you with what suits bes for your skin. Most clients say it has minimal to medium discomfort, but really is different for everyone. It can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks. We use a soft wax and remove the hair using a fabric strip with ease. This is not for everyone. We would advise against waxing your face if you are using topical creams, have had any kind of recent facials/chemical peels or anyone that has sensitive skin.