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We provide all-natural looking results with low cost eyebrow tinting or henna brows for a lasting, low maintenance result. At Moon’s Day Spa, we pride ourselves on providing the best eyebrow tint to Trussville, AL clients can count on for years to come. Brow tint with Brow Shape is for someone who has not had their brows waxed at Moon’s Day Spa for greater than 6 weeks. Brow tint with Brow Wax is for someone who is maintaining their brows every 6 weeks or less.

Fuller Looking Beautiful Eyebrows With Our Tint Services

Eyebrow tinting for our clients will semi-permanently transform the shade of your brow hair, giving them a strikingly deep colour and beautifully fuller shape. In some cases vegetable-based dyes are used and in many cases henna brows are the treatment of choice. Moon’s Day Spa’s Safe Practices Guarantee means we’ll first confirm you have no allergies to dye material. The skin around the brows is really thin which makes it an extremely delicate area. We use only the highest grade dyes and also henna eyebrows temporary application. In some cases we’ll perform a patch test to check for any possibility of irritability. With a scheduled appointment we can usually have your eyebrows tinted within 15 to 20 minutes.

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Your Transformation Partner For Years To Come

You deserve a personalized experience where you can put your hectic life on pause and simply relax while we transform your eyebrows with Moon’s Day Spa’s best and safest eyebrow tint that gives you a beautiful and fuller brow look. While you’re here you can also enjoy infrared sauna therapy (before brow tinting, Not after) or try our lymphatic drainage compression therapy. We look forward to serving you for years to come. Our Day Spa is your escape, relaxing and very comfortable time. We offer treatment combinations to save you time without having multiple appointment days. We offer premium products you can use at home too. Our scheduling is as flexible as possible. For questions, reach us out today and talk to our experts.