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Chest & Stomach With Neck Waxing

Moon’s Day Spa offers a sanctuary from the noise of the outside world and has been designed with your every need in mind. Chest & Stomach With Neck Waxing enhances a safe, easy solution to the problem of unwanted chest hair. Chest-hair removal with waxing gives you near permanent results and a smooth-skinned look and feel. Waxing can also make your skin look naturally smooth. Apart from aesthetic reasons, women opt to wax their body hair for hygienic purposes. Hair can trap sweat, dirt and odour. Waxing Treatments leave your skin smooth and help inhibit future hair growth. Plus, unlike with shaving, the hair that does regrow after waxing is softer, so you don’t have to worry about coarse stubbly hair regrowth that may cause itching and sensitivity problems.

Types Of Wax Used

At Moon’s Day Spa, we use both a soft and a hard wax. We use soft wax on all body areas except the lip area. We will only provide this custom wax procedure as stated above with no substitution. We use 10 different waxes from around the world based on your hair type and skin type. Oil or powder is never used as it can cause major breakage of the hair. We use a sanitation product after each waxing experience. Book your session for our Chest & Stomach With Neck Waxing treatment today and get a smooth, beautiful and confident skin.

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We love our ladies and we love our bond with you. Whether this is your first time getting waxed or you have been doing this for years Moon’s Day Spa knows how to take care of you with your waxing needs. Us women are special and we have that special touch that invites you into an environment that is calm, informative and interactive. We are happy to answer any questions you have about everything that pertains to your Chest & Stomach With Neck Waxing experience with us. Let us know if you have any queries.