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At Moon’s Day Spa, we always offer more than you expect. When you select one of our chemical peels, you may also opt for our microdermabrasion skin preparation. Microdermabrasion before a peel helps the skin to better absorb exfoliating acids for more noticeable results. We offer a variety of chemical peels, including:

  •  Salicylic acid
  • Glycolic acid
  • Lactic acid
  •  Mendelic acid
  • TCA and more.

The chemical solution is applied to the skin with a paintbrush-like applicator. After the recommended time, the chemical peel is neutralized and then rinsed. Our estheticians also offer pampering post-peel treatments using Dermologica serums and oils to replenish the skin’s hydration and nutrients.

How It Works?

During a chemical peel, we will apply the exfoliant acid first to the thicker areas of skin, such as the chin, nose, and cheeks, before applying it to the thinner areas around the eyes and mouth. After the chemical peel, we may use cool saline compresses to remove any remaining exfoliant. Chemical peels are popular, effective, and 100% safe for all skin types. At Moon’s Day Spa, we’ll talk with you about your goals, comfort level, and history of cosmetic treatments to determine what strength of chemical peel works best for you. We offers high quality custom compounded chemical peels that are specifically chosen for your skincare needs. Our chemical peels range from mild to moderate strengths to allow our clients to choose the amount of down time and results they would like to achieve.

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Benefits of Chemical Peels At Moon’s Day Spa

There are several types of chemical peel products that are formulated to reduce the signs of aging or to eliminate problems such as skin discolorations acne scars or enlarged pores. The most common type of chemical peel contains fruit, lactic, glycolic or alpha hydroxy acid ingredients that are gentle on your skin. Moon’s Day Spa also offers Glutathione and Konjic Acid peels for brightening your complexion. You will notice a visible difference immediately after your first treatment with a chemical peel product, and this procedure does not require any long recovery time.