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Eyelashes Strip

Moon’s Day Spa offers false eyelashes strip services for a perfect eye make-up. With our strip eyelashes, you set the scene for your eyes from discreet to glamorous. For an irresistible eye look. It comes with easy handling and long hold lash glue which is sold separately and is reusable.

How To Apply

Our esthetician at Moon’s Day Spa will;

  • Fit the eyelashes to the eyelid without glue and shorten at the end if necessary.
  • Place a small amount of lash glue on the back of the hand and apply to the band of false eyelashes with a chopstick.
  • Place the lashes in the inner corner of the eye and glue them over the center of the eyelid to the outside. Tweezers are a helpful tool for this.
  • To remove the lashes, lift them on one side and slowly pull them off the eyelid.

Professional Strip Eyelashes Services

Moon’s Day Spa’s strip eyelashes are known for their style, quality, durability and longevity. We use two materials for our strip lashes; sterilized Siberian mink hair, and high quality faux mink. Each lash strip is handmade using anti-allergic cotton bands, which provide supreme comfort to the eye. Our mission is to design and develop unique high quality products that use natural ingredients, packaging that is environmentally friendly, and service that is convenient and innovative.

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We Specialize In All Lashes

For those eyes needing a delicate and light lift give them a rise with our patented sunburst effect. Constructed on an invisible barely there band these lashes alternate in clusters from 7mm lengths (B Curl) to 14mm lengths (C Curl). Lash more and save money with Moon’s Day Spa’s strip eyelashes bundle. You can also add-on his service with your make-up or other services. Rest assured and trust our experts. Call or email to schedule your visit. We all know it’s difficult to apply those false lashes without having to worry about them falling off, the corners not sticking or crooked lashes. This is an application of two eyelash strips, and takes little time. Leave it to our professionals and enjoy te look.