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Body hair waxing, a form of epilation, involves spreading warm wax on an area, applying a strip of cloth, then pulling off the cloth with the wax to remove hair including roots. Depilation by shaving or trimming only removes surface hair, which can stimulate hair growth, but waxing results can last longer. Individual experiences vary, but waxing results can last about three to six weeks, and repeated waxing can help results last even longer. To help reduce the chance of ingrown hairs, exfoliate regularly, both before and after your waxing treatment. Since wax is unable to grasp ingrown hairs, this can help make your treatment more effective. Your Moon’s Day Spa esthetician can give you advice on preparing for a waxing treatment and maintaining treatment results when you need your Bikini Line Waxing Services.

The Most Demanding Service At Moon’s Day Spa

A bikini line waxing remains one of the most popular hair-removal requests at Moon’s Day Spa. In this type of waxing treatment, your esthetician will likely remove the excess pubic hair where your bikini line will rest, extending in a little in case your swimsuit shifts. This will leave most of your hair intact for coverage without allowing unsightly hair in areas visible on the beach. There are different bikini wax shapes and styles to choose from, and your esthetician can help determine which is best for your needs.

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Variety Of Wax To Choose From

A French wax for bikini line waxing is a variation that removes much more hair, leaving just a landing strip or other shape covering the middle and leaving the back alone. This option allows you to feel smooth and hair-free while having some coverage up front and around the back for modesty. However a Brazilian wax removes the most, peeling away all the hair in the front and back, possibly leaving a small strip of hair in the front. Prices for bikini, Brazilian, and French waxing at Moon’s Day Spa vary and bundled discounts are available. Contact now to get yours.