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Looking to have your underarm waxed? Whether it’s your first time or here to freshen up we can take care of you. Our highly trained staff is experienced in waxing to ensure the highest quality. Here at Moon’s Day Spa, you can experience the highest level of professional treatment to perform your waxing treatment.

What to Expect When You Book For Our Waxing Treatment?

Waxing is quick, easy and lasts longer than shaving or removal creams (up to 4 weeks). The hair is removed from the root not cut at the skin surface as with shaving, so comes back smooth not stubbly. Many also find that once you have been waxing for a while hair comes back finer and patchy in some areas. Never used Under Arms Waxing before? No worries. Before you have your first wax at Moon’s Day Spa, we will ask you to fill out a consultation card and your therapist will then have a quick chat with you in the privacy of the treatment room. We’ll go through some basic questions such as how would you usually remove your hair etc. This is for your first visit only, all we ask is that you keep us updated of any changes, for example if you are taking any new medication. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have before we start. Your therapist will then explain the details of the treatment you have chosen and let you know what to do next and to what extent you should undress. She will leave you to make yourself comfortable on the couch before returning to begin your waxing.

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Follow Moon’s Day Spa on Facebook to keep up to date with all of events and promotions. We provide a bevy of pre-wax tips for you to skim, but here’s an important one to remember with underarm waxing: Clean, dry armpits are a must. Don’t go overboard on the deodorant prior to your appointment, as it can interfere with the Under Arms Waxing hair removal process.