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Waxing is easier when it’s done by someone who knows what they’re doing. All of our waxing beauticians at Moon’s Day Spa are highly professional and excellent at what they do. If this is your first time at a waxing appointment you should know there’s no need to be nervous. Our beauticians have seen it all before and waxing is all in a day’s work for them. We can promise a fast and virtually pain-free waxing experience with our Toes / Knuckles waxing results you will be satisfied.

Organic Waxing Products

At Moon’s Day Spa we only use the best waxing products in our appointments that work with all skin types. For our waxing services, we use a high standard ALOE VERA hot waxing product to help with great skincare and prevent ingrown hairs yet still manage to remove the shortest most stubborn hair. Our strip waxing is a creme base wax, keeping the skin moisturised, with antioxidant-rich green tea which soothes and calms. Get our Toes / Knuckles waxing service when you book for other waxing services and get discount while feeling smooth, silky and healthy hair-free skin.

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Moon’s Day Spa’s waxing therapists are highly professional and skilled at what they do.Waxing is highly effective and will leave your skin silky smooth for weeks and weeks. We also offer eyebrow and eyelash tinting, to darken and intensify your facial features. Perfect for anyone with lighter eyelashes and eyebrows to give you a more dramatic look, even with zero makeup. Facial tinting is a more natural and low-maintenance look than using dye or makeup. Our beauty therapists are highly trained and skilled when it comes to facial tinting, and will give you beautiful results that last weeks and weeks. Treat yourself by booking your appointment today and get a beautiful, younger looking skin. Our Toes / Knuckles waxing service is the best and pain free.