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Mehendi – Henna Tattoos at Moon’s Day Spa

The Henna paste is a mixture of Henna, which is a natural herb plant, ground into a powder and then mixed with water and a few trade secret essential oils to produce a deep red color. It is applied onto the skin to create beautiful artwork on your body using a cone (similar to one used to decorate cakes) as the applicator.

Once the Henna pattern is applied, you will need about 30 minutes before it is dry to the touch. Our expert henna artists at Moon’s Day Spa usually advise that you keep the Henna on your skin for as long as you can or at least a few hours before allowing it to flake off. After a few hours you can peel off the dry Henna design paste with a spoon or spatula, avoiding the use of water in that area. After removal, you will see that it leaves behind an orange-ish color. The final color depends on each individual’s body chemistry and warmth. The color will darken from orange to burgundy over a period of 48 hours and develops darkest on areas of our body which naturally contain the most heat, like palms of hands and feet. Contact us to know more about our Henna Design Services and book your slots ASAP.  

Incorporating henna design as a body art at your special event is an excellent way to make it a memorable one that will truly make your event stand out to your participants. Our talented henna artists at  Moon’s Day Spa are able to provide you with any henna design you want, making it an ideal choice even if you have less time. Since applying temporary henna tattoo design is an all natural process the artist does not need any additional supplies making clean-up quick and easy. There are no needles, making the application of Henna painless and temporary.

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Mehendi – Henna Design

At Moon’s Day Spa, our experienced Henna artists use natural henna to bring the beautiful experience of this ancient art-form to any location. Whether you are looking to enhance your corporate holiday or picnic or you want something different to make your college event more memorable, Henna Design is a temporary body art is a wonderful addition to your mobile massage, multi-cultural event or as a stand alone service.