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With years of experience and continuing education, our dedicated staff at Moon’s Day Spa, is ready serve you and your beauty needs. We will help you decide the best look, and deliver just the right services to achieve it. Our comfortable, relaxed atmosphere is designed to make you feel great. Come see us soon. Need help putting the finishing touch on your look? Haven’t mastered the smoky eye, or liquid liner tricks yet? Our professional make-up artists are here to help you. Our Eye Make-Up services includes application of eye shadow, eye-liner & mascara only.

Eyes Only

Moon’s Day Spa’s make-up artists are trained to enhance your beauty by applying the ideal colors for your skin using professional application techniques that highlight your best features. Whether you want a daytime look or help getting ready for an evening out, we’ll create an eye make-up look that’s personalized for you. Before you leave, we’ll show you how to recreate the same look at home, so you can always look your best. We will brighten your eyes and prepare and conceal the eye area and then apply the appropriate colors to create your desired look. The perfect brow color will complete your eye make-up services at our beauty salon and spa that can truly make you shine. Whether you are preparing for an event, such as a wedding guest, or you just want to learn the best make-up combinations for you, our team can help. Learn more about our eye make-up services below, and contact us for an appointment.

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Make-up Refresher or Eyes

Perhaps you are just looking for a bit of eye make-up application help. We offer our partial make-up services that either can refresh the make-up that you currently are wearing, or we can just focus on your eyes, applying eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner and Strip Eyelashes that can brighten up your eyes considerably. Strip Eyelashes will be charged separately. Call Moon’s Day Spa to learn more today. Our team has invested years in learning about make-up applications and how to match the right colors and shades to give you the best look. We love helping you look special for events, or just teaching you how to apply make-up that will look the best on you. Our mission is to pamper you while you’re here, which is why we offer a relaxing atmosphere, complimentary beverages, and a wonderful ambiance. If you are looking for the best make-up services, reach out to us.