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Full Face Threading or Waxing

The Moon’s Day Spa offers several high-quality facial waxing and threading services sure to leave your skin feeling wonderfully smooth. Our waxing treatments use gentle, yet effective techniques to remove unwanted hair from a larger area, while threading allows more precise hair removal, each promising to leave your skin with a clean finish. All our waxing and threading treatments are carried out according to excellent standards of quality and hygiene. Our trained therapists will use the latest products and techniques to ensure your satisfaction.

Why should you get a Full Face Threading?

According o our experts at Moon’s Day Spa, threading is the gentlest unwanted hair removal treatment for your skin. If you’re looking for perfectly shaped eyebrows and smooth skin, then threading is the answer. The best part about this treatment is that no chemicals are used for the process. Instead, everything is performed with an antibacterial cotton thread. Threading will also save you time because you won’t need to pluck between now and your next session, unlike other hair removal treatments. In addition to glowing your skin, threading also reduces the sagginess of the skin. So no need to get scared anymore because our facial waxing and threading services are the most safest and hygienic in the entire area.

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Threading is a great choice if you want to reduce hair on your body, but it depends on your preference that work well on your face. Waxing is a good option for anyone who wants long-lasting results and has sensitive skin or allergies. Threading and waxing are both great options for removing unwanted hair from your face, arms, back and legs and with either method you can expect minimal discomfort and pain. Reach out to our estheticians for any facial waxing and threading queries and you’ll be in safe hands at Moon’s Day Spa.